Saturday, November 7, 2015

Man on Fire release day!

We need to talk… 

Firefighter and EMT Derek Mercer didn't believe any good had ever come from a conversation with that particular opener. Still, he wanted to know what was going on with his partner. But when Zander confesses to a shameful act, and then demands to know what Derek is hiding, Derek feels their relationship is about to blow sky high.

For arson investigator Zander Tam, admitting to snooping on his boyfriend wasn't nearly as painful as the idea of losing him. In the heat of the moment, Zander had felt justified; he had to get to the bottom of why Derek spent hours hunched over his laptop, distracted and distant. 

But as the two alpha men dig deeper into what's been left unsaid for too long, they uncover an explosive secret, one that has the power to bring them closer together or drive them apart forever.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Release day Yogi and the Bear!

If the fall is inevitable, might as well enjoy the tumble...

Months after a scaffolding accident leaves him in chronic agony, construction worker Ryan Powell has exhausted all that Western medicine has to offer. He’s willing to try anything, even yoga, to get some relief.

He expected to feel out of place at the New Age Center, but he never expected a power-outage bathroom encounter to magically erase his pain. When he discovers the man with the magic hands is his drop-dead-sexy yoga teacher, Ryan decides that there might just be something to this metaphysical thing, after all.

Yogi Niklas Baumgartner has found it remarkably easy to keep his shiny vow of chastity untarnished—until now. Still, a bathroom hand job doesn’t really count as sex, right? But his footing on the no-nooky wagon slips when he realizes the big, blond bear at the back of the class is his man in the dark.

Their unlikely attraction brings out sides of themselves they never knew lurked beneath the surface, sides it takes courage to accept. But when trust is broken, repairing the damage might just tear them apart.

Warning: Contains a gentle giant, a dominant orgo-bunny, a pair of weighty manacles, too many movie references, accidental porn, overcoming stereotypes, and deliciously kinky sex.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Win a copy of Yogi and the Bear!

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Yogi and the Bear by Nix Knox

Yogi and the Bear

by Nix Knox

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